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Jan. 9 - 7:30pm

Print Competition - Color, Monochrome, Small prints

Program - HDR Interiors

Jan. 16 - 7:30pm

Show and Tell Night - No competition, just stories behind the photos. Bring a photo to share

Jan. 23 - 7:30pm

Projection Competition - Open, Nature, Pets

Program - Larry Price - Pulitzer Prize winning photographer

Pre-meeting @ 6:30pm - Shooting frozen bubbles

Feb. 13 - 7:30pm

Print Competition - Color, Monochrome, Small prints

Program - Shooting hummingbirds in natural light

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Looking for an outlet for your photography?  Want to learn how to improve your photography and be inspired?

At the Tripod Club, we have one or more educational programs at each and every meeting. That is 25-30 workshops we offer to our members every year.  

Winter Photography School 2018

Tripod presents two six week photography classes to help you improve your photography. The Fundamentals of Digital Photography will help you get better photos from your camera by providing practical advice, in easy to understand language, so you can become a more confidant photographer.  The Photoshop Digital Photo Editing class explains how to improve your photos on your computer.  Click here for more details

Don't miss these two learning packed classes.

Bruce Soifer